The 100 Best Business Books of All Time
What They Say, Why They Matter, and How They Can Help You
By: Jack Covert, Todd Sattersten

CM200903_100booksThis book was published last month, and does what it says in the title – lists the best books, and tells you why they’re important.
The books are also listed online – take a look and see how many you’ve read (I got to 17, although I have to confess one or two of those I didn’t quite finish). And you can vote; the authors will publish a new edition of the book next  year, which makes the “of all time” part of the title sound a little odd, but in any case there’s an online vote.
On a completely separate site – although many of the same books are mentioned – you can contribute a story to your favourite business book.
After you’ve submitted your story, you can download a “badge” for your blog to display which is your favourite, unfortunately WordPress doesn’t display it as prettily as the site delivers it.The story I contributed was on Presentation Zen, by  Garr Reynolds – it’s a long time favourite of mine, and if you haven’t already used it you should. It’s the clearest guide to how to improve your presentations, and make powerpoint into an effective tool, that I’ve read.

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