Most often you don’t have too much choice in your business card, you get the company standard. Generally you can choose which contact details are listed – I haven’t seen a twitter address on any from my company yet, but it’s only a matter of time. Occasionally you can chose some style or colour detail. However if you run your own company you can choose every detail.

Tod Defren, a principal at SHIFT Communications, chose a social media option to develop a design for his business cards, posting a brief and a price on CrowdSPRING. He’s pretty happy with the results, but says it was done as an experiment and seems rather amused that the negative feedback from some in the design community. (There are some other social media options to bid for offers on design work, Elance covers more than just design, Zooppa is more advertising).

I like several of the results collected by Tod Defren, and I don’t agree that he’s “outsourced the identity of his company” the visual identity has been defined and a brief given for some talented freelance designers to take a chance. I hope he gets a result there that he’s happy using, and one of the designers gets the money and the credit for it.

If none of those designs appeal perhaps he can talk to this guy who’s spent 25 years perfecting a business card.


image business card via pixabay

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