The winners of the Webby Awards 2009 have been announced. I like these awards, there are always some fascinating sites amongst the nominees. It’s always inspiring to see what others have created, and I like the fact that there’s a people’s award.

It’s also interesting to see which sites are long lasting appearing on the nominees list in consecutive years – generally in content categories – and which sites are new or new versions. (Actually it’s impossible to make this comparison, there seems to be a flaw on the Webby’s own site.)

One of the winners I particularly liked this year was WHITEvoid, for the navigation on their online portfolio website. Visually it alludes to filing drawers with folders flying out and revealing their contents. The whole array of folders moves in a 3D action, text is kept to a minimum and their work is displayed in images and video. It’s a stunning way to show off stunning conceptual art. I was entranced.

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