Wordle is one of my favourite toys of 2009, first of all I like it that they use the term “toy” on their website.

I’ve used it to create theme posters to stimulate brainstorming, and to look at patterns in texts.

Here’s Obama’s inauguration speech;

Inauguration Speech

And here’s his 100 days speech;

100 Days Speech


Clearly there’s been a lot of thinking going on.

Reuter’s did a similar analysis of the G20 meetings in November 2008 and April 2009, and I’ve spotted Wordle in use on BBC’s Newsnight programme.

It’s fun, and easy to use, once you’ve entered your text (or the URL) your wordle is automatically created. After that you can play with the format; changing colours, fonts and layout.

It’s so much fun to use that not only did it win the judges award for best use of typography in the 2009 Webby’s, it also won the people’s choice.

header image: wordle of Obama’s Nobel prize acceptance speech

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