I’ve used mind mapping before, both for creative problem solving and for organising information. I finding it easier to find connections across groups of information this way. I’ve also found it easy to categorise or colour-code the types of information. Usually I make mind maps alone using a big sheet of paper and pens in several colours.

Last weekend I found a cool online tool to do this, called Mindmeister, here’s a quick mindmap I made regarding a webproject – go ahead and improve it.

A mindmap of a web project


The tool lets you add nodes, each node can be customised;

  • text colour
  • icons
  • add links
  • add documents (not in free version)
  • connect to other nodes on the same mindmap.

You can can export it as a mindmap file or a pdf to use elsewhere.

You can also work on a mindmap as a team, or make a mindmap open for everyone to work on, if you’d like to improve my mindmap above, go ahead – it’s here.

You can try up to six mindmaps for free, after that you’ll need to tradeup – which will open up several features to play with.


Image mindmap via pixabay

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