I went out to dinner yesterday evening at a lovely restaurant, the decor was stylish, the cocktails wonderful, the menu delicious and the staff attentive. With the coffee they rolled out the sweets trolley with a selection of chocolates, miniature cookies, macaroons and lollipops.

Which part of the perfect evening will we talk about? Which part of the meal will we remember in a month or a year?

The lollipops of course.

They were adapted for adult tastes; chocolate with fudge centre and caramel with sesame seeds. But when our eyes fell upon them we both made an immediate connection to childhood memories, and happy ones at that.

This is perfect experience marketing, it’s quirky, it evoked an emotional reaction, and it’s memorable. It’s good business, the feel good finish to the meal raised the tip, and we’ll talk about it.

Look around your company: what lollipop are you giving your customers?

image candy via pixabay

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