Reuters want you to re-use and repost their content, but not for free. They’ve set up a system where you can apply for a temporary right to republish their content including ads – no extra cost to you, or ad-free – for which you will pay a fee. It seems to be the latest attempt by content publishers to stay relevant in the blog world without leeching revenue.

As it stands the system takes 11 clicks to set up, carefully documented by The Business Insider, which seems a bit cumbersome. Permissions are temporary which seems to limit their use for republication, although most blog posts relating to news probably have most traffic in the first 30 days so it might not be such a big issue for their content.

You can use the same service to set up copyright permissions on your own blog – I’ve just set up an account to try it out. You get a little strip of HTML code to add to your blog.

Sample copyright notice

[Get Copyright Permissions]
Click here for copyright permissions!
Copyright 2009 Louise McGregor

I’ve set this up as the simplist possible account so it’s really a two click process to get permission. You also have an option of getting an email confirmation of the licence and sending a copy of that licence to the copyright holder.

Permission to use content granted.
Permission to use content granted.

We’re developing new content at work, and we want other people to use it. We’re hoping that sharing our content will help build an engaged audience. We’ve been considering using creative commons licensing but struggling for a way to monitor and check the use. This might provide a simple, professional solution.

I wonder what my colleagues in legal will make of it.


image distribute

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