Hard on the heels of the twitter mass response to the Iranian election protests, comes Twibbon.

During the Iranian election protests #IranElection was one of the top trending topics for more than a week and hundreds of thousands of tweeters added a green layer or a green ribbon to their avatar.

Someone has picked up on the popularity of the simple option of doing this and now created Twibbon, a site where you can create your own avatar overlay – and promote your own cause.

There are already avatar changes to show

Search for your own categories, or make your own – all it takes is uploading of an image.

If your cause gets more than 10,000 supporters adopting your twibbon they you qualify for a Twibute; an image based on your twibbon. The first and (so far) only twibute is for the Indonesia Unite twibbon, which gained the 10,000 supporters in about 2 days.

It’s  cute idea, I think as more twibbons develop the site will need to add some categories or tags it’s getting difficult to sort through avaialable twibbons already. However the concept is cute, and I’ve added a big mug of coffee to mine.

image ribbon via pixabay

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