Need a gift for the geek in your life? Here’s my wishlist.

(1) Laser Keyboard

Not sure that this would work with my work blackberry, or that it would be that useful at work – but it would be great when travelling as I hate trying to type anything of anything of any length on my blackberry. I have visions of setting this up at a conference and typing away.

(2) Luminous Art Farm

I saw an ant farm used as an art work at (I think) Tate Modern years ago. So when I saw this “Tunnel Vision” I thought it would be cool as an office ornament. Yes it would freak my colleagues out but that would be part of the fun.

(3) A Cubicle Door Bell

Does your geek work in open plan?

I work in an open plan office, and get asked a lot of questions. I don’t want, and won’t get an office of my own, but the idea of visitors ringing a bell when I’m plainly in view amuses me.

It’s from Think Geek.

(4) Crumpler Bag

Probably the most practical gift in my list, crumpler bags are great for carrying and protecting your laptop. I’ve got one, but it’s just a sheath for protecting my laptop – it’s not really practical for moving around. So if Santa is paying attention – I’d like a more “briefcase” type model, preferably in green.

In the past I’ve bought crumpler bags for other people, and they’ve been well received – in any case the Crumpler website is fun to play on.

(5) Harry Potter TV Wand

I’m not a Harry Potter fan and I still want this, mainly of course to annoy other people in the house.

When you’ve found all your geek gifts you wrap them in geek paper.

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