Making a podcast has never been easier, it’s now only a phone call away with ipadio. I was interviewed via ipadio in the lead-up to speaking at a conference earlier this month. It was easy for me all I had to do was pick up the phone! The podcasts are recorded and presented in their own little player, which includes an embed code which I can’t get to work in wordpress – but it looks like this.

Mark Smith, the CEO of ipadio was also a speaker at the conference and he had some great stories of how his clients are using ipadio, he spoke about the use made by Oxfam to broadcast updates on the role.

I got to talk to Mark in one of the breaks, and was really interested to hear how companies are using ipadio for business goals; Virgin media have used it to deliver mass interactive communication for their 20,000 employees, Melcrum used it to preview their speakers. But perhaps the most unexpected use was “one to none”, using ipadio with the automatic conversion to text notes so that field workers such as district nurses could “dictate” their case notes following a visit and get a text draft back saving them a lot of time.

We’ve avoided podcasts for the most part because good recordings and playing/streaming on our systems is tricky. But this takes all the headaches out of that. With a lot of change coming up this year this could be a great tool for us.

I’m pondering how we can use this; as Mark Smith said in his blog “One phone call is sometimes all it takes… It’s good to talk!”


image phone via pixabay

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