I read about Greenpeace’s battle with Nestle in a newsletter published in April, and assumed that by now the heat would have died down.

greenpeace campaign against Nestle
Greenpeace goes Post-it

Until I saw the post-it note at right in the metro station this week (complete with Dutch spelling of orangutan).

Nestle originally got a video removed from YouTube based on protecting their logo which caused a storm in the social media space, a bit of a spat on facebook, and now Greenpeace is using the Nestle logo throughout their palm oil campaign. They’ve also moved their campaign from facebook logos to supermarket shelves and, apparently, metro stations.

What’s interesting about this from a communications standpoint is that Greenpeace have been able to hijack Nestle’s logo and build up a following who will attack Nestle online yet are still able to cast Nestle as the bully. Their comment that they haven’t hired a “social media agency” is disingenuous, they employ communications experts to run such campaigns. The campaigns are solidly thought through, integrated online/offline, well targetted and well executed. Greenpeace’s core business is campaigning and they do it extremely well, the corporate world would do well to watch and learn.


image palm oil

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