Do you know your spending profile? Apparently I’m Globe Trekker, well that might be right. I’m currently saving for two overseas trips while the floor of my apartment needs repair and re-sanding. So Bundle’s analysis might be right.

Globe Trekker spend pattern
So I’m a globe trekker, according to bundle

But what is Bundle? It’s a site that collects consumer spending data built in partnership with msn money, citi and morningstar. Here’s how it works.

On top of the data there are expert articles analysing and explaining the data and trends, for example this in depth look at trends on food spending. There are also multiple opportunities to give your opinion and share via facebook (mostly) your views on money.

It’s well done, and feedback on the site indicates that visitors are finding it useful to compare their own spending or to compare costs/spend in different locations. The only minus point? it’s only US data.

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