On my first day back at work this year my very bright, highly competent, smart, funny, great to work with, project manager resigned.

I guess there might be occasions when a resignation is welcome, so perhaps the fact that this one wasn’t is a “luxury problem”, we worked together for two and half years and it was good. Her role was internet manager and she ran in terms of operations and development. She’s moving on to a great role in a company with far more of a “cool factor”. I’m proud of her and pleased for her.

And now I have to find a new bright, highly competent, smart, funny, great to work with, project manager.

It turns out to be a difficult task, I am looking for a generalist; someone with a combination of project management, communications/marketing and technical knowledge. Someone with a bit of a design eye, analytical skills and an ability to think strategically. Someone who will fit into a small team of project managers and geeks.¬† I know – it’s a long list and the job vacancy included it all.

I got a range of CVs, and I didn’t really expect all applicants to have everything on the list. But I was a little shocked at one application that really didn’t have anything on the profile, but cheerfully stated that he’s hard working and client-friendly. In his role as a swimming trainer at the local public pool.

However there were at 8 strong applicants, 5 of whom came pretty close to ticking all the boxes. After an initial interview round I have 3 really great candidates any of whom I would be happy to have in my team. In fact it’s really tough decision to know who of the three would be the best choice.

It’s a luxury position to be in.


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