We’ve just moved offices. We packed everything into boxes, labelled them, and left the old office on Thursday night.

On Friday we arrived at the new office to find boxes all over the place, desks in the wrong places, tall cupboards where no cupboards were needed, computers half set up and no phones. I was not upset about the “no phones” part of the scenario.

I miss the building we used to work in. It’s modern and new, it’s all glass, with internal gardens, wonderful art on the walls, a great coffee corner, and I knew exactly how to get stuff done there.

The new building was was modern and cutting edge when it was built – more than 20 years ago. Compared to the old building it’s huge and complicated and I don’t know how anything works; on Monday I couldn’t sort out a courier delivery, yesterday I couldn’t get access to the building for a visitor. I still have no idea who to call about a problem with the locks.

I’m figuring it out, that “new girl” feeling will decrease, but things are not as they were; we’ve been on a mission and we still haven’t found good coffee.

image London Desk Move  / NHS Confederation /Barbara Agnew/ CC BY-2.0


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