There are thousands of books and websites out there advising you how to write your CV, I want to give three practical tips and explain why they’re important to the person who handles your CV.

1) Put your name on every page
Most CVs of professional mid-career people are more than one page, if that’s true of your CV please add a footer with your name and page numbers in it.

Usually CVs get printed out for the assessors to read, it’s easy for papers to be shuffled around and then it’s a pain to sort out the pages. I’ve even resorted to reprinting CVs on occasion just to be sure I have it organised. I do own a stapler-but I’d rather be able to spread papers out and compare them.

2) Add all your contact information
Please add both your email address and your phone number.

In these days of mobiles with voice mail there’s no reason not to add a mobile number. You may want to use a personal email address, but take care – is not going to prove your professionalism in most occupations.

As the recruiter I will want to contact you quickly and easily, by phone is fastest, by email means I can send you more detailed information.

3) Save file as your name
I’m still surprised when applicants don’t do this, it shows a lack of thought regarding how their CV will be handled.

Usually there are several applicants, and I save their files to the same folder. If your name isn’t in the file name it’s harder for me to figure out which is your CV. Of course I can rename the file, but why would you as an applicant want to make me do that.

These might seem obvious, but I’ve just been reviewing a set of CVs, and apparently they’re not.

Image curriculum vitae

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