This is the first time in two years I haven’t started my day looking at twitter.

I’m not talking about my personal account, but a work account.

I started the company’s corporate twitter account two years ago initially as a channel to promote our company’s press announcements and features. At first no-one was listening and certainly no-one asked any questions. But it started to pick up about a year ago, and now it’s growing steadily, OK the follower numbers aren’t Lady Gaga big, but they’re growing. We also know with the increased use of twitter and other social media tools we need to be listening to what is being said, answering questions and finding ways to help our customers.

It’s been fun running the account, but it’s becoming far more than I can do in between the rest of my job, so there’s a new role in our department – the only new position to be approved in the climate of cost-cutting we’re in – to start working with social media full time. This is a move to make it a professional service and it’s going to be great.

It’s also an indication that this social media craze is being taken seriously in the board room.


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