Hashtags look like this; #

Hashtag Art looks like this;

Image from MissPixels via flickr, as part of her Hashtag project.

Hashtags are used on twitter to categorise your tweet, and it’s this frequency of hashtag appearance that leads to the trending topic on twitter. They’re simple to use, just type it into your tweet or post. The use of the hashtag has spilled into other forms of communication, although it seems to be frowned upon by facebook pedants.

People get really creative with the use of hashtags, adding them to tweet about events, conferences, company failures (the infamous #fail), games (check out artwiculate), news and tv programmes. Humourous tags have emerged – such as #FirstWorldProblems

I love the creativity people put into their hashtags, and some have developed into memes (#durftevragen – dare to ask in Dutch is a great example), but MissPixels hashtag project seems to be a rare example of applying the hashtag to the visual. Given the trends of increasing images used in presentations, increasing use of social media and increasing use of text/image combinations I’m surprised. It could be a fun project for a team or group as well.

Image #imagine – fun in the sunset – Hashtag project© /MissPixels/ CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

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