I’m so proud of my mother, she’s just bought a smart phone – she chose a Samsung Galaxy SIII mini, having read a bunch of reviews. Hurrah for android.

Of course she chose to do it while I’m visiting her so I can set up the phone – I’m far less expert in this than she realises.

Phoning and texting were easy – easier than her old phone apparently. Although not all contacts are uploaded yet. I’ve added a few locations, so she’ll call family members at reasonable times. I’ve created a google account so that we can download apps, and installed facebook, dropbox and twitter apps. Coming next – Skype, public transport and weather apps.

The challenge is not really about setting up the phone, but making sure that whatever is installed can be used when I’m not around. There’s a pretty healthy data limit on the phone, but I still need to show her how wifi works.

Given that all this technology is new, Mum is pretty clear about all the things she wants to be able to do via mobile and is learning it all impressively fast.

I only had one question for her; why on earth did she pick a pink phone? “Because I’ll be able to find it in my handbag easily”. OK Mum.

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