It’s that time of the year –  the crunchies winners have been announced. Congratulations to all the winners – they’re changing the world

I wrote about this, disclosing my votes and giving predictions. I did rather well – in the categories I voted for either my prediction or my vote won 75% of the time. Here’s my scorecard.

Best Technology Achievement
Winner Bitcoin
It’s been all over the news, all over the world. It’s probably the most successful crypto currency we’ve seen, and it challenges the foundation of the financial industry.
Best Collaborative Consumption Service
Winner Airbnb
The accommodation service that lets individuals rent out their spare room. The service continues to grow, and this year they’ve launched a couple of innovative ads including the first commercial crowd-sourced vine.
Prediction and vote
Best E-Commerce Application
Winner Wanelo Zero (although the runner up did get my vote)
Best Mobile Application
Winner Snapchat
The service of disappearing messages, a favourite of the cool kids, messages are only available to the recipient for 1-10 seconds.
Fastest Rising Startup
Winner Upworthy
The content collator/publisher that focuses on spreading videos and other content on the “stuff that matters”. Their content is well-shared across facebook, twitter and tumblr.
Best Design
Winner Pencil, by 53
It appeals to my inner stationery geek.
my vote
Sexiest Enterprise Startup
Winner Zendesk
Customer communication through collaboration, let your team solve customer questions from all sources in one place.
My vote
Best International Startup
Winner Waze Zero (although the runner up did get my vote)
Best Hardware Startup
Winner Oculus VR
3D gaming, geek heaven. I am not a gamer, but I can see that this transforms the game experience, for all games.
Biggest Social Impact
Winner Edward Snowden’s NSA Revelations
It forced lawmakers, companies and consumers to think about how we regard privacy. It scared a lot of people who hadn’t thought about how far data surveillance could go. The full impact is still unfurling.
Best CEO of the year
Winner Dick Costolo (Twitter) Zero
Best Overall Startup of 2013
Winner Kickstarter
I get a kick out of seeing the great ideas – and having a chance to support them. Their funding enabled some of the other nominees to get started.

image oscars via pixabay

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