Almost a  year and a half ago I backed a little kickstarter project that was re-inventing bicycle lights and bells. It was named the Orp and labelled as the world’s first smart horn. I live in Amsterdam, and my only mode of transport is a bicycle with a beat up basket on the front and a chain guard held together with masking tape. Obviously what it needed was a smart horn. I signed up as a backer and waited.

Since then the guys at Orp have been spending a lot of time refining the design and the packaging, I’ve been getting regular updates, and in April they started shipping. I think you know where this is going.


I choose orange as a nod to my adopted country, it seems to be easy to put on and take off the bike handlebars, it is rechargeable (via USB), the light is bright and has a flashing option. The design seems weather proof enough for the rigours of Dutch weather, but it’s the sound effects that won me over.

Here’s the on off switch;



And here’s the bike horn with the happy and scary noise effects;


That’s going to be a whole lot more noise than the usual mild Dutch bells, I’m very curious to see people’s reaction. If you want your own Orp Smart Horn, you can order it at Orpland.

Image: bike night via pixabay 

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