RWF_2232 - Version 3Hi, I’m Louise, the person behind Change Meme. I write about digital strategy, social media, innovation and real life leadership.

I currently work as a Digital Specialist focusing on internal communications. I have decades of experience in digital in internet, domain name management, search, and social media.  My role is to face the challenge of the unknown new digital technology and bring it into a company with significant legacy systems and regulatory limits, preferably without losing my mind or my sense of humour.

When I began this blog it was to write about ideas relating change in business, new technology and communication; only ‘idea’ seems so big and sweeping and life changing. Ideas belong to the ivory towers, the philosophers, the educators. So I chose the word “meme” instead.

So welcome to Change Meme, a personal brainstorm on technology, communication and business.

twitter I’m also changememe on twitter
slideshare And my presentations are on slideshare as changememe.
googleplus_red I’m myself on G+
FB-f-Logo__blue_50 I’m myself on Facebook , this is new – I used to be someone else on Facebook.
 Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 12.42.38 I repost some of my blog posts about leadership on Medium

A note about images; I use freely available images or photos that I have taken. I source images from wiki commons, flickr creative commons, Pixabay, and occasionally my own photos. I sometimes use images from elsewhere on the web, but only when I believe they are licence free. If you believe I’ve got it wrong contact me, I’ll fix any errors.

Home page header image is from Free-Photos at Pixabay published under a CC0 Creative Commons licence.

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