Oatmeal beats the internet

If you’ve ever wondered what $211,223.04 looks like, here it is – Oatmeal photographed the amount raised before sending it to charity.

In more good news the legal suit against oatmeal was dismissed (or withdrawn)?

And FunnyJunk’s search engine is still broken, searching on the site lists only 7 results for xkcd, 5 of which are recent comments (I use xkcd for this test as it’s a unique search term).

But using the Google “site only” search gives a result of 47,000 results…

and leads me to a part of the site called www.funnyjunk.com/channel/xkcd. So they can create a URL with xkcd in it and STILL their search engine can’t find it. Clearly the search engine has been deliberately broken.

Playing with search this time revealed an interesting comment

So apparently FunnyJunk had altered their site to censor words connected to Oatmeals claim. I’m not a lawyer, but wouldn’t this count as “acting in bad faith”? In any case it is proof of highest order douchebaggery. And Oatmeal won.