My (Next) Ergonomic Workstation

I saw this image in an article titled “The Most Ridiculous Patents” and for a second I couldn’t see anything wrong with the concept. It’s not that far off from the pose I often adopt to work on my laptop while lying on the couch with a number of pillows supporting my back – although I have a little more hair than the model shown.

ergonomic computer use
ergonomic computer use

OK so maybe it’s not so realistic for work, but it’s no whackier than some of the real economic chairs available.

I like the look of the Neber Chair from G-Tech, but rows of them lined up make me think of some weird 1984 scenario. It does look a little like a cross between a Harley Davidson and a workstation.

I’m sure I’d work really quickly in it, and it’s a lot better PCE, which somehow reminds me of medical equipment, or the chairs seen in old peoples’ homes.

I’m not sure that this would really help, I feel I’d end up with tired legs. I think it might work for people who … no, I can’t imagine who would ever use this.
​Sitting on a bubble The last entry is very cute, and takes the simple approach, giving you the right height but forcing you to support your back.

I think it could work, but I’d have to unlearn my existing behaviour, namely my tendency to lean way back in my chair.

My favourite is still the ridiculous horizontal one above.