Would you like to connect?

I’ll connect to you on linkedin if I have met you – could be virtually- in a work context. I will sometimes make exceptions if you’re someone really interesting.

So when I got an invite from a name I didn’t know with just the generic invite text I went to linkedin site and checked the profile.

Not a company I’ve ever had contact with but is working in the same field. Has over 500 connections, one of whom is a first level connection to me  and a very good friend. Interesting.

So I contact my friend, who has put me in contact with some excellent people in the past and on whose recommendation I would connect to someone, I ask him how well he knows the requestor.

Not well it turns out, my friend – being a far more generous person than I – has a very open approach to linkedin connects with almost anyone who requests it. As it happens he approved the request about 20 minutes before I got my request.

It is of course completely fine to use Linkedin to “harvest” contacts, I just feel that what you are creating is a telephone directory and is not a reflection of your personal network.

I’ve hit ignore.

How do you decide whether to connect?

Good Manners Online

Wired Magazine has published “How to Behave: New Rules for Highly Evolved Humans” which goes a little further than warning you not to tweet/post in all capitals, in fact it goes further than just online behaviour.

There are 34 rules, which seems a lot to remember, and some I don’t agree with – but then I’ve never been overly rule driven.

I like Don’t Work All The Time, and I try to apply it – but I like what I do and there’s a lot to be done so the temptation to stay and do more is pretty high. Ignore Your Ex on Facebook is logical, although I think I’d extend it to all social media. Meet Online Friends in the Real World, done that and for the most part the people were exactly as I’d expected. It sometimes becomes awkward if you’re trying to explain to real world friends where these random people came from. There’s a helpful guide to choosing a ringtone, and a timely reminder of how our personal space has changed.

The article goes well beyond good manner online – but if you want to assess your online manners try this quiz on netiquette.

image rules