TED goes multi-lingual

Just one more reason to love TED: they’re now offering many of their talks in multiple languages. This one is available with subtitles in English, German, Greek, Hungarian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian and Turkish.

CM200905_ted.pngTo see the languages just click on the scroll bar below the video image. To search only on one language start by clicking on translations at the top of the page.

There are more than 300 translations, and there are about 45 languages listed, although some only have one video in the new language.

TED have set up a translation volunteer process, translators work in pairs or in a translator-reviewer tandem.  Translators get a transcript and have a month to work on it.

The number of multilingual videos is growing fast, and the number of languages is also growing. TED already has a great international community and this is a great way of engaging them and using that resource. Perfect Crowdsourcing.

It also opens the door for TED to have non-native English speakers and events in non-English speaking countries. Fascinating.

image translation via Pixabay