It’s My 10 Year Anniversary

I started this blog 10 years ago.

I’ve changed jobs three times, ended relationships, lost friends, visited a dozen countries, changed industry twice, moved to a new house in a new city, learnt loads, made new friends in that time and the blog has remained constant.

To celebrate I’m reposting a few posts from previous years and commenting on what I got wrong (ipad), how stuff has changed (URLs) and what I got right.

I started this as a way to explore and write about the innovation I was seeing all around me working in digital/communications. As I explained in my first post

I want to write about ideas relating change in business, new technology and communication; only ‘idea’ seems so big and sweeping and life changing. Ideas belong to the ivory towers, the philosophers, the educators. So I chose the word “meme” instead.

Despite that intention my most viewed post ever was one about adding green to your twitter profile during the Iran revolution.

Here’s what I’ve written about over the ten years.

I’ve sustained this blog because I like writing, and I am fascinated by I’m writing about. Here’s some practical tips about how I get it done.

  1. Capture your writing ideas. I usually start a draft post for future use that I can add ideas, images and resource links to as preparation for eventually writing a post.
  2. Think ahead. I usually plan the subjects I want to write about about a month ahead and spend some time creating header images, which is the fun part.
  3. Set aside regular writing time. For me it’s Sunday morning, and I can combine reading up on my work areas with writing blog posts.
  4. Find a sustainable rate of posting. That’s two posts per week for me, usually one is in depth and one is simpler.
  5. It’s a hobby. So I don’t put pressure on myself to get it done if it’s not feeling like fun. There have been months when I’ve written 20 posts and months where I haven’t managed any. But I’m still writing after 10 years. Might be time to develop the habit into a book.

image champagne



Words Matter

Have you had to read something twice because it really didn’t make sense? Or struggled with sets of instructions to assemble your newest coolest toy? Or been stymied by jargon, legal or technical terms?

How we write matters, our choice of words matter.

I’ve been writing about business cliches this year, there is certainly plenty of material.

I came across a manifesto from Change This on this subject, called the Gobbledygook Manifesto it sets out to encourage marketers and PR writers to write well, and to write with the customer in mind.

Gobbledygook is an English term used to describe nonsensical language, in the manifesto its the language of press releases that comes under scrutiny. Some of the most common terms found are “next generation”, “ground breaking” and “cutting edge”. Clearly not everything can be all of those things.

The Gobbledygook Manifesto is not new, but the lessons still stand. Think of your buyer not your product, keep it simple, and integrate your written marketing materials with your marketing programme.

Image words via pixabay