2019 – What a Year!

I’m going to skip, like a merry water beetle, past the absolute shit show of the global politics, and focus on the positive and the personal.

3 things I learned about working at home

1 Make an office space that works

I need something I can walk away from, I don’t have a separate home office, but there’s a corner of the living space – the foot of the ‘L’ shape of the room – that I use. At the end of the work day I can switch off the light and walk away.

2 Make the timezone work for me

Most of my work is with colleagues in the US, so my work day ends at 7pm, I either start later or I take a coffee break and get some fresh air and daylight. I really value the ability to have a walk outside since it’s dark by 4.30pm. My work day is all meetings from about 2pm, but meeting-free in the mornings so although I finish late the work life balance is actually working out well. 

3 Found my coffee home

I’ve found a cafe with fantastic coffee, free wifi and lovely people. I can go there to work or just to take that coffee break.

3 things I’m grateful for in 2019

1 Home

I moved at the end of last year and it’s been fun discovering my new home town and enjoying all it has to offer – having the beach just 15 minute cycle ride away is wonderful and I need to take advantage of that more often. Bring on spring!

2 Friends

When you’re having a tough time there’s nothing better, and the friends who have supported me, cared for me and made me laugh. Well, you know who you, thank you.

3 A good boss makes a big difference

I have a boss who backs me up, looks for me to lead, believes in my expertise, finds resources and removes boundaries. She also thanks me for specific activities from time to time. It’s a huge help when navigating all this change. 

3 things I will change in 2020

1 Push myself at work

Need to be clearer on results and focus on the significant things, rather than getting lost in detail. 

2 Be a better friend

I’ve let people down in the last year, I will slowly but surely rebuild what I have lost. 

3 Write

I haven’t been as creative or as productive on the writing front as I want to be, I will get back on it next year. I did start a series on creativity, and I will continue it in the new year, it does stimulate me to look out of my work mindset. I’ve also been more creative outside of work and that will continue. 


Year in Review

Screen Shot 2012-12-31 at 2.17.24 PMIt’s traditional to review the year, and think back on the highs and lows. So here goes – my year in review.

Biggest Work Achievement

We launched an Enterprise Social Network (ESN) this year, I think we started the project before that term was invented. We’ve called it Buzz and so far we have established global connectivity, set up community manager training, seeded several communities and won a company award for it all. There are still a lot of challenges to come, but this is huge.

Big Thing I Learnt

Manage upwards more than one layer. I had a great boss, who knew something about the digital world and supported me as a manager and on my projects. When she left there was a huge gap – I’m working on filling the vacuum.

Small Thing I Learnt

DJing. I got to pretend to be a DJ during a workshop. It was a lot of fun, and it turns out that it’s not that difficult if you can count to eight.

Best Read of 2012

The best book I read on a social media theme has to be Revolution 2.0 by Wael Ghonim, with reports coming out of Egypt of ongoing disputes around the new constitution it’s not clear what the ultimate outcome will be. However this book showed how much people will do with social media tools – using it in ways the inventors probably didn’t imagine.

Best fiction of the year The Book of Dave by Will Self, I struggled with the dialect at first but it was worth it, the book is darkly funny tale of a dystopian future.

My Favourite Internet Meme

There were a lot of internet memes to choose from this year, for me the hands down winner Martha and Never Seconds. Martha started out just wanting to use photos of her school meals in her blog to raise awareness of the (low) quality. The council tried to block her using the photos, which caused outrage. She ended up raising over 100,000 GBP for school meals in Malawi, and building a community online where people around the world share photos of their lunch. Martha is 9.

My Favourite Cat Meme

Cat memes thrive on the internet, this year my favourite must be Henri; the world’s first feline existentialist.

2012 image licenced from clipartof.